• Trauma
  • Grief & Bereavement
  • Anxiety/ depression
  • Adjustment difficulties
  • General support
  • Career Guidance

Psychological stressors (once off or a series thereof) can manifest in flashbacks, nightmares, sleepless nights and lack of focus. This can result in a person not being able to function in their daily lives.

In today's changing economy and technological advances, career guidance is changing. It is my belief that although we will have more ability to design our own vocations as traditional idea of 'careers' becomes redundant in most contexts, it is incredibly helpful to explore the balance between one's aptitude, interest, personality and values. To find the best fit according to this balance is key. I can structure a two/ three session package/s where basic quantitative assessments combined with qualitative discussion are used to explore the self across these four poles. A feedback session and report comes standard. It is not prescriptive in terms of tertiary/ career options, however,  suggestions will be given.

Mourning the loss of anyone (or anything).

Often the most misunderstood and unaccepted by significant others and society. In turn this can lead the person to feel more guilt and shame attached to their low mood which can only perpetuate the problem.

Any change in one's life can yield stress: environmental, life stage, or situational.

In case you just need to be heard.

I provide therapy for:

Please note that in order for me to remain within the ethical limits of my scope of practise, in accordance with the HPCSA, I will refer out should I feel further psychological diagnosis or treatment is required.