About My Work

A Diverse Approach to Dealing

My passion for people and psychology developed whilst completing a Drama degree at university. I had been very involved in theatre and plays throughout my scholastic career and intrigued how the power of the subconscious played its part in the development of a character and portrayal thereof.


In my final year of university I signed up for a drama therapy workshop which I thoroughly enjoyed. I decided against an Honours in Drama and took a break in my studies to travel and pursue a third major and Honours in Psychology. My plan was to merge my drama skills/passion and my interest in psychology to help others. I managed to complete my third major whilst teaching English overseas in South Korea. Upon completion of these studies I accepted a few Primary school music posts which helped to pay the bills while I completed my Honours. I completed my 960 hour accreditation internship while teaching music to primary school learners, at the end of which I wrote the HPCSA board exam. My internship was diverse and rich and took me to many contexts within KZN; ranging from hospital settings with the Red Cross Air Mercy Service to self-help centres and foster homes with younger children. I practised working in a variety of ways according to the issue presented and started applying expressive techniques where appropriate.

Once I became registered I moved to Cape Town and accepted an Arts Coordination post at an NGO which took me into the township primary and high schools of Philippi and Langa. I used drama therapy to help groups deal with every day struggles and was blown away at how effective it was, especially given the language barrier. I also used other forms of expression like art, story-writing and music although it wasn't always within a therapeutic context.

In 2012 I accepted a post as Head of Guidance at a local high school and my time there has given me a wealth of experience working with individual learners, their parents, external professionals, as well as running groups with teens. These complex situations have broadened my work extensively and encouraged adaptability and growth. I have also been working part-time at Springfield Convent Senior School with adolescents, since 2018.

I like to resort to expressive methods (art & drama), especially in group work, but generally use a more Person-Centred approach in individual counselling. I like to focus on Mindfulness, which is helpful in adolescent work, as they are learning to regulate their emotions and make decisions in a world that is only moving faster in a digital/ virtual space. 

Other methods and skills I use frequently use include:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

  • Dialectical Behavioural therapy 

  • Brain Working Recursive Therapy 


I adapt my counselling style and methods to the needs of the client, providing the optimal environment for them to enter a journey in which they feel guided and supported to learn more about themselves and their options. I provide accessible and affordable counselling from the comfort of my home in Harfield Village (Kenilworth), Cape Town.

"I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself... The greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition."
 Martha Washington